‘Frozen 2’ successfully storms into theaters

‘Frozen 2’ improves upon its predecessor with strong musical performances and character development.


"Disney Frozen" by JeepersMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Frozen 2” goes above and beyond the expectations set for it by the original film.

WARNING: minor spoilers for “Frozen 2.”

Remember when every time you heard the phrase “Let It Go,” you would want to cut your ears off?

Well, the songs and music from “Frozen 2” will make you happy you didn’t!

I personally find it very annoying when there’s an overload of songs in a movie; however, the songs in “Frozen 2” were placed in such a manner that I actually paid attention to the lyrics and didn’t zone-out. For example, the song “Into the Unknown” was simply a delight to listen to.

As a general rule of thumb, the sequel is usually worse than the original movie. However, there will always be some exceptions, and I would have to say, I enjoyed “Frozen 2” more than the first.

The first “Frozen” had a better plot, but everyone’s obsession with it made the movie overrated. “Frozen 2” had fewer plot twists, but the ones that were there were more impactful towards the general storyline than those in the original.

What made the plot not as strong was how long the exposition was, which dragged on for quite a while. The events in the beginning were essentially the basis for the rest of the movie; however, it definitely could have been cut shorter.

Disney tends to make its movies very cheesy; this one, however, had an actually exciting storyline.

2019 Walt Disney Animation Studios

Also, the animation delivered such amazing visuals that during some scenes, I forgot that it was even animated. If speaking solely about the execution of the animation itself, without a doubt, it was done very well.

Even after having such a long gap between movies, all of the original voice actors were still able to come back and shine in their roles.

Kristen Bell, who voiced Anna, did an excellent job of conveying her clingy personality. Like the rest of the voice actors, Bell was able to give a convincing performance that benefited the movie in general. She was able to beautifully portray Anna’s character development throughout the movie, from relying mostly on others to being a self-sufficient queen.

Though it took a while to come out, Disney’s newly released sequel is worth spending your money on.

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