‘Gazoline,’ German hard rock that thrills to the core

The band from Münster, Germany released the album HBlockx in 2012. Photo courtesy of www.H-BlockX.com

The band from Münster, Germany released the album ‘HBlockx’ in 2012. Photo courtesy of www.H-BlockX.com

Luke Larson, Staff Writer

“Gazoline” is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs from outside the United States. I first heard it while watching a YouTube video on Sunday.

The video had one of those annoying advertisements that you cannot skip for the first five seconds. The ad itself was for a new video game for Xbox One called Sunset Overdrive by Insomniac Games, and this song began to play in the background.

The song starts with the singer matching his vocals perfectly to the beat of the bass guitar, which then adds in a main guitar rift and a heavy drum beat, by this point, my focus was more on the song than the advertisement for Sunset Overdrive.

After the 30-second ad was over, I got to researching the song. It comes from the latest album “H-Blockx,” by the German rock band of the same name H-Blockx.

“Gazoline,” which translates to “Gasoline,” has no real message. This is not necessarily a bad thing considering that some songs today leave behind either a trail of blind love for terrible body-shaming issues, i.e. “Anaconda,” or a burning trail of hate for their music video, i.e. “Animals.”

The great thing about “Gazoline” is that it goes with any mood. For example, if you are angry, this song lets you get out frustration, but if you are in a good mood, it only increases the happiness. “Gazoline” is also good for parties, as long as the party-goers don’t mind a little bit of hard rock.

My main complaint about “Gazoline” is that it gets old fast. After about two or three plays, most people can’t stand it, so I highly recommend playing the song in moderation.

While fun for the first few listens, this little German treat can sour fast.

7 / 10 stars