Preview: Giants season so far

Preview: Giants season so far

Thirteen games into the season, the San Francisco Giants are showing more life than expected as they have used their speed and pitching to help them earn their wins. On both Saturday and Sunday they scored seven runs and fan favorite Tim Lincecum notched eleven strikeouts and got his second win of the year.

After a slow start last week against the Padres, Matt Cain pitched a no-hitter against St. Louis in the seventh inning.

The bullpen has started out inconsistent, but last years season started the same and will improve as the season goes on.

The Giants are normally known as a slow team but this year improvement’s have been made allowing them to win games such as those against the Pirates on Thursday.

“This win was (about) hustling,” said Pablo Sandoval after Thursday’s 5-2 victory.

“Speed is a big part of the game, as you could tell a couple of nights ago with the fastest man in the world,” said Mike Fontenot about Darren Ford’s dash to home off a groundball on Tuesday’s game versus the Pirates.
Starting off with a record of 5-13 against such strong teams and only two games out of second in the NL West, the Giants have started off their season better than expected.