Girls’ tennis fights for the win against the El Camino Colts


The varsity girls’ tennis team prepares to play against the El Camino Colts in a PAL tournament game.

Aaron Trierweiler, Staff writer

The Lady Scots competed at home against the El Camino Colts in the PAL tournament on Oct. 25 to see who would play against Aragon the next day.

The Lady Scots, being second place in the Bay Division, played the Lady Colts, who are first place in the Ocean division. The Bay division represents various high school teams that perform at a higher level than the teams that are in the Ocean division.  

“The two divisions are determined by the level of play. Meaning that you have to play well to be in the Bay division. If one year the team is good, but then the next not so much, then the team will most likely be moved down into the lower division, which is the Ocean division,” said Margaret Goldsmith, the head coach.

After well-fought matches by both teams, Carlmont came out on top. Because of their victory over the Colts, the Scots, following the round-robin style of the tournament, are going to play the Aragon Dons, who also won their matches on Wednesday.

Throughout the past few years, Carlmont has kept on improving its game and working its way up the leaderboards.  

Goldsmith said, “Statistically the girls in previous years did very well and even came in third place last year, but this year we have been playing better, and after today’s tournament are going to the championship to compete for first place.”

Although the tournament is similar to other games it is still very different, especially from the viewpoint of a player.

“The tournament shares similarities with normal matches in many ways, but one of the main differences is the added pressure that if we don’t succeed, we don’t get another opportunity for the same thing to happen,” said Juhi Mehta, a junior.    

Despite the pressure, the girls still have the mindset that they were going to win.

“You have to go out onto the court with a positive attitude and maintain it if you want to succeed. Especially in a tournament like this one,” said Annika Lin, a sophomore.

The Carlmont varsity girls’ tennis team won their first PAL tournament match, sending them to their next game against Aragon where they will compete to be able to play in the PAL championships.