Girls track dominates PAL championships


Samantha Dahlberg

Carlmont sprints past other school teams in order to win the race.

Samantha Dahlberg, Staff Writer

The Carlmont girls track team sprinted past their rival schools and claimed first place during PAL championships at Westmoore High School on May 13.

The team score consisted of 99 points while the second place score from Aragon was 59.33 points.

This year the Carlmont track team hired James Jewett, a new coach specified for training the sprinters and hurdlers.

“I was very pleased with their positive attitudes and work ethics. I motivate them with the reality of competing with themselves every day and taking pride in what they do, and they have done exactly that. They are an awesome group of athletes,” said Jewett. 

Some of the team members also got a chance to beat their personal records during the championships.

“One of my favorite memories from the championships is when Carlmont swept the long jump, and we all got personal records,” said Caroleene Block, a freshman.

Before the event began, many of the girls worked hard with a step-by-step warm up in order to ensure that they were prepared for their runs.

“I do the usual: stretch, warm up, and get motivated with my friends,” said sophomore Maya Schwartz, a PAL champion.

During the event, the team cheered on the sidelines to give their peers support and encouragement before they crossed the finish line.

“I draw a lot of my inspiration from my friends and just our team in general. There’s a really strong bond, especially with the girls team, and it encourages me not only to do well for myself but for them too,” said PAL medalist and freshman Veronica Roseborough.

By the end of the championships, many participants were proud of their accomplishments and felt that the victory was earned by the constant practice throughout the season.

“All of our hard work has paid off, and I’m so proud of all that our team has accomplished this year,” said Roseborough.