Girls varsity basketball tames the Wildcats


Robyn Stein

Ashley Trierweiler, a senior, shoots a 3-point basket in the third quarter.

Robyn Stein, Staff Writer

Carlmont’s girls varsity basketball team beat the Woodside Wildcats with a cool 15-point win, after nearly a whole game of Scot domination. The game had a final score of 48-33.

Off the bat, the Wildcats won the tipoff but the Scots scored the first points of the game. At the end of the first quarter, the Scots were leading 19-5 and by halftime 30-9. Ashley Trierweiler, a senior, led Carlmont in points and steals: scoring 17 points and taking nine steals. Gaby Pierce led the stats with 10 rebounds.

“I think we played really really well. We played it not just for our selves but for each other, so we played really cohesively and as a unit. I think when we play like that and we make the right passes and we look for the open shooters we play our best,” said Evelyn Gordi, a senior.

There was a total of 10 three-point goals on both teams. Woodside’s Amanda Chow and Natalya Hovtec, both sophomores, each made two 3-pointers, and junior Hailey Stewart made the fifth. Carlmont’s seniors Trierweiler and Kaylee George made two 3-pointers each, and Gordi made their fifth.

They certainly got a lot of support from fans during those intense shots. There were lots of students in the stands, supporting with various cheers. The Screamin’ Scots were being led by senior Kyle Dimick.

There was a cheer for whichever Carlmont player had the basketball. For example, if Carlmont’s Associated Student Body President Valerie Wang, a senior, had the ball the Screamin’ Scots would chant: “That’s my president!”

“ I think that (the support from the students and cheerleaders) helps a lot. It brings the mood up and it enhances the energy, especially when we get into these moments where somebody is just hot and somebody’s getting their shots up and just making everything it really contributes to the energy,” said  Donya Khonsari, a sophomore.

Compared to Dec. 21, when the Scots last played the Wildcats, the team has made leaps and bounds in becoming a more cohesive unit.

“ As a team we’ve been starting to come together a lot more because later in the season we get to know each other a little bit better and its just more of a family atmosphere this differs from the first time we played Woodside, back in December, that game we’re all frazzled we’re all over the place but then today we were just in the zone. We knew exactly what we were supposed to do and we did it,” said Trierweiler.