Girls varsity soccer prepares for new season

Kimiko Okumura, Highlander Editor

Sophomore Hana Hogan plays against her teammates to warm up for the scrimmage against Capuchino high school.
Hogan practices dribbling around a defender with junior Amelia Armstrong. “This season I want to be more aggressive on the field and more comfortable when I have the ball,” said Hogan.
Junior Tori Linnell looks down the field for an open player, as Capuchino’s defender crouches down low to guard Linnell.
Junior Siena Rigatuso passes her defender and dribbles the ball toward the goal.
Junior Peyton Smith falls while on defense, but stays resilient and tries to kick the ball away from Capuchino’s offense. “Everyone on the team has great motivation and determination to play well, and I think that helps us in all of our games,” said junior Amit Netanel.
Hogan dribbles the ball toward the goal, trying to outrun her two defenders.
Linnell sprints toward the ball, trying to reach it before her defender.


Junior Kayla Fong looks down the field to find an open player to pass to or an open spot to dribble the ball. “In the second half we created more opportunities for ourselves and took more shots,” said Fong.
Junior Isabel DeWood passes to her teammate before Capuchino’s defender reaches the ball.
Fong dribbles the ball down the outside of the field, weaving through defenders, and scores a goal for Carlmont. However, during a scrimmage, the teams do not record the score, but instead focus on technique.