Giving back: Ethan Wallace


Julian Smith, Staff Writer

Aside from being a heavily involved student at Carlmont, work, and a member of a successful band, senior Ethan Wallace always manages to delegate time to giving back to the community.

Beginning two years ago, Wallace realized that his talents in the recording studio as a drummer could be utilized as a tool to teach children to play music, or moreover enjoy music.

Wallace said, “For me, music has always been a great source of happiness and a place where I can just get away from everything stressful in life. I have always loved music and I just wanted to share my passion with kids who had never thought of playing any instruments.”

Wallace is an extraordinarily talented musician and attributes much of his success to others helping him, which is why he feels the need to return the favor. But teaching young children music is simply the beginning.

Wallace strongly believes that places like the Sequoia Teen Wellness Center are integral pieces of society, so he chose to designate his time to volunteer with them over summer.

Wallace said, “We would go to any local fairs, arena check-ins, etc. and just remind people to always be aware and practice safe sex. A lot of kids today think that unprotected sex has no repercussions, but we were there to kindly remind them that they are false and if something does go wrong that we are there to help them. We really just wanted to provide a safe-haven where any kids can come and ask any questions about growing up, really we just want to create a safe environment for kids.”

Though Wallace’s hectic life allows for very little to no free-time, he still manages to always find ways to give back to his community. He is always looking out for the greater good and advises kids to “do their best to give back because someone before did it for you.”

Wallace is just one of many students who go out and find places to give back, there are endless ways for kids to give back and Wallace truly showcases that.