Giving back: Zack Beauchamp


Julian Smith, Staff Writer

Aside from the APs, college applications, and work, Zack Beauchamp devotes what little free time he has giving back to his community.

For many, community service is just another mechanism to increase chances of college acceptance. But for Beauchamp, it’s different.

ZACK“I initially just wanted to get involved in school clubs, but when I stumbled across key club I genuinely enjoyed the work I did and what it stands for,” Beauchamp said.

As an incoming freshman, Beauchamp found a niche for helping others. So inherently Key Club, a club aimed towards community service, was the perfect fit for him.

For any high school student balancing school, work, homework, extracurricular activities, and recently college applications is all a uneven balancing act.

Beauchamp has been able to keep up with all of his studies and has still managed to save time for community service. He said, “My community has done so much for me so I think that it’s only necessary that I return the favor.”

With college looming, Beauchamp will have to decide if he will still have time in his busy schedule for community service.

“If I have spare time, I would love to help those in need,” stated Beauchamp.

Beauchamp and many others in Key Club strive to improve our community’s well-being and in doing, so they have set the tone for more incoming freshman to follow in their footsteps.

Students like Beauchamp are a main factor in maintaining Carlmont’s status of excellence, all the while giving back to those that may have once done the same for him.

Today’s society seems to need a nudge in order to give back, but Beauchamp, from a young age, never overlooked the importance of both giving back and creating an example for those younger than him to do the same.

Beauchamp was, is, and will be a role model to those looking to maintain top of the mark grades, balance extra curricular activities, and give back to the community.