Giving “Props” to the senior dancers


Elena Mateus, ScotCenter Editor-in-Chief

Carlmont Dance will put on their final dance show of the year, “Props,” from May 8 to May 10 at 7 p.m.

The name “Props” was given to the show as each and every number utilizes a prop in the dance itself.

photo (2)“Every year a theme is chosen,” said sophomore Emily Sevillia, “This year, mirrors, ladders, rope, caution tape, and flowers are just some of the many props that are going to be used in the show.”

Together there are 28 routines scheduled with both intermediate and advanced dance performing.

“It’s basically like our final dace we made in December being incorporated into the show now,” said senior Logan McPherson.

Though 28 dances may seem like a lot, the six months of work put into the numbers have assured the team that things will run smoothly.

“I’m not really nervous because the dances look pretty good, and we’ve put a lot of work into them,” said Sevillia.

For such a production, much of the work, however, goes unseen: “There are so many rehearsals and work put in to not just choreographing the dances, but teaching them and cleaning them up too,” said McPherson.

Senior Kiana Yekrang said, “There’s also lighting, costumes, coordinating with the MCs, and more. It’s just one big production.”

“Props” serves as more than just a show; according to Sevillia, “It’s a learning experience because it teaches us to utilize something other than our bodies while dancing.”

“The group dance is what I’m most excited for, its the cleanest dance. It’s made by some of our seniors, and it’s kind of their last dance choreographed together,” said Sevillia, “I think it’s meaningful.”

The seniors have also stood as role models to some of the younger members of the team.

Sophomore Taya Cowan said, “They are all talented dancers, and are really good at choreographing. I hope to be like that, too, someday.”

“Everybody is the class is really close to each other, we eat lunch together, we dance both in school and outside of school together, we do everything together,” said McPherson. “Even though dance can be stressful and it gets rough, we bond from that.”

The chemistry formed offstage will help the team enjoy their last moments together, as the years comes to a close.

Sevillia said, “It’s going to be way different without the seniors, they really do a lot for the class, I have no idea what it’s going to be like without them.”

The effort and passion put into “Props” is sure to make the performance one to remember, especially for the seniors.