Gosh Yarn It Club knits students closer together


Katie Blondino

Mairwyn Forster, a sophomore, works on knitting a new product.

Katie Blondino, Staff Writer

On Mondays, lunch in room C3 gives students a place to relax and de-stress from the school day.

Gosh Yarn It Club is a club where students can hang out with friends while also learning how to knit, with the intent to help the homeless in the Bay Area.

Emily Kim, the president of Gosh Yarn It, started the club to make an impact on the lives of others while also getting to hang out with friends, new and old.

“I think it is fun to learn a new activity and I wanted to give that opportunity to the students at Carlmont,” Kim said.

Kim got the idea for the club from Melissa Hero, a biology teacher at Carlmont who knits frequently at lunch.

The vice presidents of Gosh Yarn It, Samantha Turtle, Mairwyn Forster, and Sabrina Jackson, also liked the idea of de-stressing through knitting.

“I have found it to be a great stress reliever,” Turtle said. “I hadn’t done it in a while, but relearning how to do it has been fun.”

Kim started knitting in third grade, but high school had put a hold on her hobby. Now, she takes the lead as the main instructor of Gosh Yarn It Club and gets to share her passion with others.

“[Kim] really helped and was patient with every member since the beginning,” Forster said. “I never had the intention of learning how to knit, but being with my friends and learning something new has been fun.”

The meetings can range from 10 minutes to the entirety of lunch, depending on how many people show up.

“The amount of attendance is different every week, so some weeks we have more products worked on than others. Also, products get passed around, so more than one person can be the creator of a single scarf or hat which means people don’t have to be here every week,” Jackson said.

The club focuses on mainly knitting hats and scarves. The clothes are then donated to the homeless through the Samaritan House in San Mateo, whose mission is to mobilize the resources of the community in order to help those among us who are in need.

“Even though our donations are small, we all know that they are helpful. And even if they aren’t perfect, we have fun creating the products,” Kim said.