Gosh Yarn It Club knits the Carlmont community together


Alison Kim

The Gosh Yarn It Club makes charitable donations while helping students de-stress and socialize.

Alison Kim, Staff Writer

The end of the school year can produce many different emotions. While the feeling of summertime approaching can be relieving for many students, finals week typically produces a different reaction. Stress.

This time of year can be even more crucial for students to find ways to relax in order to stay focused on academics.

According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, 61% of college students receive counseling because of stress and anxiety, and 28% of students say that school stress creates that anxiety.

Emily Kim, a sophomore and president of the Gosh Yarn It Club, believes in giving students an outlet away from academics and the stress that comes with it.

“I think it is important for students to have a relaxing outlet outside of school, whether it is knitting or not, because it helps to de-stress students while keeping them productive,” Kim said.

The Gosh Yarn it Club is a knitting club where students are able to relax and take their minds off of academics by knitting.

“It is mainly a friendly place to go and take a break from all our school work,” said Samantha Turtle, a sophomore and a vice president of the club. “I think that it is very important to have an outlet for stress. While it doesn’t have to be knitting, I hope that other Scots can also find a way to release stress that often remains bottled in.”

However, stress relief is just one aspect of the Gosh Yarn It Club. The club meets in C3 every week with the ambition to bring students together, create a relaxing space, and teach club members how to knit, all while benefiting the community.

Not only does this club benefit students, but it also benefits people in need.

“The goal of our club is to help others who might not have warm clothing for the winter and to bring people in the club together. We knit different things which we plan to donate to those in need,” said Sabrina Jackson, a sophomore and vice president of the Gosh Yarn It Club.

The Gosh Yarn It Club is also an inclusive space with a welcoming atmosphere.

“We started this club because we felt like this would be a friendly club that anyone could join,” Turtle said.

The club also encourages members to meet new people and talk to people that they would not normally talk to.

“The club brings people around the school together to talk and interact while learning a new skill,” Kim said.

Altogether, the Gosh Yarn It Club is a place where people can be brought together with the same goal of wanting to help people while also taking time for themselves.

“It is a peaceful place to hang out with friends and do something good for those in need that also helps us release stress, so it’s a win-win situation,” Turtle said.


If interested in how to learn to knit, watch this beginner’s tutorial:

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