Great Mediterranean kitchen in San Carlos


Colley Loum

The Gyro wrap at Santorini was delicious.

Colley Loum, Staff Writer

Santorini is a local Mediterranean kitchen, located on Laurel Street.

Santorini’s restaurant offers many traditional Mediterranean plates ranging from falafel, gyro, kefte, and some other wraps.

Santorini also has many options for popular Mediterranean appetizers. These appetizers could either be ordered by themselves, or customers have the option of ordering an appetizer plate, in which one has the option of ordering any three items of their choice. Plus these three items come with pita bread and salad.

These wraps and appetizers are offered all day, whereas Santorini offers dinner plates which are available to customers after 5 p.m.

Said plates include chicken kabob, salmon, moussaka, lamb shanks, and a few others.

After ordering my food, I had to wait a fair amount of time before receiving my meal. Though the wait was longer than I would have liked, the food was well worth the wait.

The gyro wrap that I ordered was great. It had a large amount of lamb and the meat tasted fresh. The gyro wrap contained a sauce that added a great tangy flavor to the meal.

While eating at Santorini, I also ordered the Mediterranean plate appetizer. For the plate, I decided to order dolmas, humus, and falafel. All three of these small appetizers were amazing. I can genuinely say that I had the best dilmas I have ever had at Santorini.

In addition to having great food, Santorini has a small but comfortable ambiance. While eating at Santorini, one has the option of sitting outside next to the small Laurel Street park or inside at small tables.

Santorini also has good prices for its food. The meal sizes are not extremely large, but the price of the food definitely equates to the proportion and taste.

I will most definitely be returning to Santorini, and think that it is a great choice for anyone in the mood for good Mediterranean food.