Boys’ tennis team’s new coach

Boys' tennis team's new coach

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The past tennis seasons have consisted of Rebecca Pearlman coaching both the boys and girls’ teams. Pearlman has led both the boys and girls’ tennis teams to winning seasons.  However, this year a new coach has taken the opportunity to coach the boy’s team.

This new coach, Coach Amina, is very excited about this upcoming season. “It’s my first season coaching in CCS and it seems like a great team to come into.”

Members on the team are also excited about the season and Coach Amina.

When asked about Coach Amina, Ryan Yen said, “She’s tougher than Ms. Pearlman and has a different teaching technique that most players disagree with.”

When asked what he thinks of the new coach, Andrew Soriano said, “She seems very experienced and very competitive. She makes us run a lot more than Ms. Pearlman.”

Speaking with Coach Amina, she emphasized “More conditioning and match play.”  Coach Amina has high expectations for the boy’s tennis team and expects their winning ways to continue and expects them to go to the CCS playoffs.

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