Hello soft elastic hair ties


Kat Savin, ScotCenter Video Editor

Soft elastic hair ties, seen all around Carlmont High School, are replacing the usual thick elastic ties.

Made from a soft elastic and simply tied in a knot at the end, these revolutionary hair ties are seen almost everywhere.

The perks of these hair ties are that they do not snap, which is a huge problem for girls with thick hair that use thick elastic ties. The thick elastic ties are glued together, therefore the soft elastic hair ties are preferred because they are tied at the end, making it impossible for them to snap. These hair ties also do not make a crease in the hair, which is another problem that the thick elastic ties create. Lastly, the fact that the soft elastic ties are so cute, make them not only a hair tie, but a cute bracelet.

Soft elastic hair ties c0me in many different colors and designs. Some even have beads or jewels on them.

These hair ties are very easy to make, all one needs is the soft elastic, which is very cheap and can be found at craft stores.

“I got a hair tie for myself and my sister and I would always fight about who would get to wear it, so my mom decided to find the elastic and make them for us. Soon, we started giving them to friends and family and then my mom decided to start selling them,” said Gigi Vlahos.

“I like them because they don’t rip your hair,” stated Taylor Sexton.

These revolutionary hair ties are taking over the hair accessory world. Say goodbye to thick elastic, and hello to soft elastic hair ties.

Pink soft elastic hair ties, one with polka dot print