High school marathon comes to an end for seniors


Andrew Cross

College center is a great place to help with college appications

Andrew Cross, Staff Writer

As students finish the first semester, seniors prepare to finish the four year marathon they had at Carlmont. Even though they have a couple miles left, they still have to run up a steep hill.

College applications are very stressful for seniors. It is a long process which includes filling out paper work, getting recommendations from teachers, and waiting to see if you get accepted.

“It is very time consuming and something that you can’t procrastinate,” said senior Zach Miller.

Seniors have to fill out personal information along with grades from all four years of high school, all the extracurricular activities, all your test scores and two personal statements.

Next, some students will ask teachers to write a letter of recommendation. Letters of recommendation increase the chance of a student getting into the college they would like to attend.

These letters are recommendations of why the specific student should be accepted. Matthew Miskelly and Justin Raisner are examples of teachers filling out college applications for their students.

After sending in their applications, the students have to wait until the college responds to see if they get accepted.

“It’s really stressful because you’re really anxious to know whether you were accepted or not,” said senior Ryan Gibberton.

Once they get responses from the colleges, students decide which the should they should attend.

“It’s tough because you don’t want to make a decision that you will regret later on,” said Miller.

After seniors make the decision, they can get ready for graduation.

Once the seniors overcome that steep hill, they can just worry about their school work and graduating.

“Even though you already got accepted, you still can’t slack off and not do your work because they can still change their mind whenever they want to,  ” said senior Joe Rodriguez.

As seniors approach the finish line, they will make sure to not slow down and finish strong.