Homecoming promises to be wild


Estella Lippi

One of the many posters hung around the Carlmont campus advertising the Homecoming dance on Oct. 24.

Estella Lippi, Scotcenter Editor-in-Chief

It’s finally October, the month of hayrides, Halloween, and of course Homecoming.  

Posted all around campus are vague posters advertising the dance. They contain only the date of the dance, Oct. 24, and a hint at this years theme: Scots vs. Wild.

The theme is a play on words from the Discovery channel show, “Man vs. Wild,” according to ASB Dance Commissioner Michelle Tenin.

To dress up for the theme, ASB Dance Supervisor Amelia Armstrong said, “Dress in your Carlmont gear or jungle theme.”

Carlmont Homecoming is the only casual dance of the year, allowing students to really participate in the theme.

The past two Homecomings have had almost identical themes, Glow and Whiteout, both focusing on black lights to create the fun party atmosphere. This year however, ASB is trying something new.

The biggest turnout was in 2007 when 900 students attended. Since then the number of attendees for Homecoming has declined drastically, according to Tenin.

“The new theme will hopefully attract different and new people,” said Tenin.

When asked whether or not ASB is expecting a big turnout, Armstrong said, “ We’re doing everything we can.”

Many students aren’t sure of what to think of the theme or what it means.

Sophomore Sophie Srivastava said, “I think it’s basically a ‘Scots vs. Nature’ theme. However, it kind of sounds like the Scots are going against [the environment].”  

Junior Dana Plomgren said, “It sounds like a hunting theme. I think it would be cool, people could wear face paint and animal ears.”

With the date still weeks away, leadership still has time to spread the word and attract students with more information and surprises.

Armstrong said, “We hopefully will bring something new, there are some possible surprises.”

She stopped herself from revealing them out of the possibility the surprises may or may not happen but it’s looking like leadership is attempting to go all out on this year’s homecoming.

The question is, can ASB attract Carlmont students with a new theme or will Homecomings attendance continue to diminish?


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