Interact works to aid the community


Rotary is the organization from which Interact is an extension.

Evan Davies, Staff Writer

Sometimes community service related clubs are brushed off as just something to put on college applications, Interact seeks to overcome these stereotypes.

Interact was founded to help students make a legitimate and noticeable contribution to their community. The club accomplishes this by organizing events such as canned food drives and trash clean ups.

“We want to give students a way to help their communities without any complications or exterior motives. We set a time and place, then all our members have to do is show up and help,” said Junior Tara Callan, Interact Club Secretary.

Despite the club’s motivations some students do join for reasons such as college applications or to complete their community service hours.

Junior Danielle Alebed, Interact Club President, said, “We do hope that our members are motivated purely by a desire to help there community. But we also have to be realistic, as long as a student is willing to contribute to our events they’re a welcome member of the club.”

Interact has grown significantly over the last couple of years and now contains a diverse mix of returning students and new members.

Sophomore Ryan Callan said, “I joined in my freshman year because my friends told it was about it and i thought it sounded cool. I liked it so much that I decided to do it again this year.”

The club leaders also plan to extend their reach beyond Belmont and San Carlos. Hoping to soon organize events in places such as Redwood City and Redwood Shores.

Junior McKenna Gileshia, Interact Club Vice President, said, “The area around Carlmont is our primary goal, but I think it’s important that we try to help as many people as possible”

While the club hasn’t expanded enough to start holding these further reaching events yet, they do expect to be able to organize something as soon as next year.

Interact could prove to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in helping their community.