Junior varsity Lady Scots defend their territory


Becca Garner

Lady Scots block the Knights’ offense to defend their lead.

Becca Garner, Staff Writer

The junior varsity (JV) volleyball game against the Hillsdale Knights ended in a two set victory for the Scots on Tuesday, Sept. 30.

The Scots jumped on the ball from the start, leading the first set 8-0.

The Knights were not discouraged; they brought strong energy and cheered after every play.  They recovered some of their ground with a 10-point come back.

With the Scots still ahead, the two teams sided out continuously, fighting for every point until the Scots won the set point at 25-21.

In the beginning of the second set, both teams were battling over every point. Eventually, it was the Scots who again gained the lead, and the Knights were unable to close the point gap. The Scots won the second set 25-14.

“We played our game; we didn’t succumb to theirs,” said coach Taylor Chung. “I think we hit really hard.”

Chung added that his goal this season is to show other schools that the Scots are a force to be reckoned with, and that Tuesday’s game asserted that.

“Today we showed that we play one way — hard,” said Chung.

The Carlmont volleyball program has been expanding over the last few years.

“More and more girls are trying out every year, but they’re getting shorter and shorter,” said Chung. To give girls with the height admirable in a player the experience they need to keep up the integrity of the team, Carlmont opened a freshman team in the fall of 2013 as a stepping stone to JV.

The freshman team gives a chance for girls to develop their talent more if they’re not ready for JV.

“Some girls get discouraged if they don’t make the JV team so they don’t move up after playing on the freshman team. It’s really too bad, we wanna see the girls improve and then advance when they’re ready.”