Juniors get the upper-hand in ASB volleyball tournament


Marina Ferme

Amy Yolland, a senior, sets up to serve and start the game.

Marina Ferme , Staff writer

Students gathered in the Scots gym on Feb. 7 to watch the juniors and seniors play a volleyball game to decide who would strike it into the finals.

The game took place on the second day of the volleyball tournament that ASB put on from Feb. 5 to Feb. 9 to have students get together and play against other grades.  

Freshman spectator Jacey Kelly said, “I really like that ASB puts these events up so everyone can get together and play a competitive sport with people they might not have played with before.”

The game went well, ending the game with a score of 23 to 25 with the juniors winning and the seniors coming in a close second.

Junior player Iris Wu said, “It is pretty interesting to see everyone play and not be in the same format as my usual volleyball team.”

Some of the players on the juniors’ team had played volleyball before and enjoyed the energetic atmosphere that they got to play in the volleyball tournament.

“There is a lot of crazy energy and I really enjoy being involved in something not as serious as my club team,” Victoria Tsinker, a junior, said. “I really like the vibe of the team working together, especially with my classmates.”

The players were from all different levels of skill in volleyball, from playing all their lives to only playing with friends for fun.

Many spectators came and watched the game as they cheered on their peers.

Kelly said, “I like how silly and goofy volleyball is. I like to see everyone laughing and having a good time, and I don’t care about the outcome of the game.”

After the game ended, the seniors kept playing and passing the ball around with their fellow classmates.

“I am a little upset about the outcome of the game but I had a really great time,” said Ciera Stratton, a senior. “I love that in volleyball, anyone can play and nobody judges each other and it’s just a really exciting game.”  

The juniors have yet to play the freshmen on Feb. 9.