JV baseball fights back in a race with the Mustangs


Natalie Doud

Camden Scholl, a sophomore and pitcher, attempts to get a hit.

Natalie Doud, Editor-in-Chief

The Scots were able to make a strong come back in a tight game against the Capuchino Mustangs, pulling a win on Wednesday afternoon.

The first two innings were scoreless, both teams putting up a strong defense, with multiple players hitting pop flies out to center field and striking out to quickly end the innings.

“I wish we would have started hitting earlier and then continued that throughout the game so that we can keep the momentum,” said Joey Du Bois, a sophomore and catcher.

Despite the quick first innings, Capuchino was able to come out strong in the top of the third inning, scoring two runs after a player was able to steal third and eventually round home, followed by his teammate who earlier hit a single, making the score 2-0.

Capuchino was able to score again shortly after, with the ball being hit to deep center field with a runner on base, allowing the Mustangs another run, keeping the inning going at two outs, the score now 3-0.

Quickly after their three runs, the Mustangs struck out, unable to hit the fastballs pitched by Camden Scholl, a sophomore. Scholl pitched four full innings before being switched out with Tripp Garrish, a freshman, who carried out the rest of the game.

Despite falling behind, the Scots kept up their spirits and constantly cheered each other on from the dugout.

“Over the time that we have been playing together, I feel like we have gotten very close with each other, including the coaches, and it almost feels like a second family,” said Devin Cuschieri, a sophomore and third baseman.

The bottom of the third inning looked much like the first and second, with Carlmont hitting multiple pop flies and short drives to second base to end the inning, Carlmont still trailing 3-0.

Despite the gap in the score, the Scots were able to hold up a strong defense and even make a double a play in the top of the sixth inning.

The Scots then turned on their strong offense in the bottom of the sixth inning, starting off with a single hit to deep right field from Brad Croshal, a sophomore and first baseman, which then started a rally.

“They put three runs up on the board in the third inning and some thought that might have been the game. Then we started to come alive when Brad Croshal led off the inning with a base hit, which started off our rally and let us score to put us in the lead,” Cuschieri said.

Soon after Croshal’s at-bat, Garrish was able to hit to a hole in deep center field, racking up a single and getting Croshal to third base. Zane Rodriguez, a sophomore, followed and was quickly walked, making the bases loaded with zero outs.

“The game went well until the sixth inning, and then everything fell apart. I mean that’s baseball, it’s gonna happen,” said Steve Carter, the head coach of Capuchino’s JV baseball team.

Nolan Sheetz, a freshman, stepped up to the plate, hitting a foul ball, which allowed Croshal to run home and score, but gave Carlmont an out. Despite the out, the bases were still loaded after another walk gave the Scots an advantage.

Another walk followed, getting Cuschieri to first and allowing Gino Bonetti, a sophomore, to get a run. Shortly after Aidan Kurt, a freshman, was at bat and hit to left field, racking up another single and getting the bases loaded again with only one out.

Sean McGlaughlin, a sophomore, then bunted, which allowed Rodriguez to score and keeping the bases loaded, making the score tied 3-3. Cuschieri was able to follow and score a run after a foul ball was hit down to right field.

Another player struck out, leaving Carlmont with two outs, bases still loaded. The lineup circled back to Croshal, who was able to hit a ball to deep center field, getting a double and allowing McGlaughlin and Kurt to score, giving Carlmont a strong lead at 6-3.

The sixth inning ended quickly after, starting the top of the seventh, the Mustangs hopeful of a run. Capuchino was unable to tie up the score, ending the seventh inning with two strikeouts and a pop fly caught by Tanner Van Why, a freshman, to end the game 6-3 Carlmont.

Despite their loss, Capuchino still holds a strong record of 5-2 and anticipates more success in the future.

“Team-wise, we play really well, everyone has each other’s backs and you can’t ask for more than that,” Carter said.