Carlmont football plays against Woodside


Carlmont Vs. Woodside

The Carlmont Frosh/Soph Football team played a challenging game against Woodside High School on Sept. 30, at Woodside.Both Carlmont and Woodside’s team played their hardest, but Woodside ended up winning the game with the final score of 8 to 22 because of their big plays.

“It went okay, but we made mistakes that cost us the game,” commented Luka Cargonja.

During the first quarter, Woodside scored two touchdowns and scored one touchdown in the third quarter.

Even though Carlmont had a few fumbles and turnovers, they had one touchdown set up by Diarrea James and scored by Osvaldo Nava during the last two minutes of the forth quarter.

Both teams fought the game with injuries on both sides, using every bit of strength they had.

This was Carlmont’s first game against Woodside this season, but the team hopes to come back stronger at their next game, which is at Carlmont next Thursday, Oct. 6, against San Mateo High School.