JV Girls basketball takes home a win against Woodside


Madeline Smith-Morton

Carlmont puts up a tough defense against Woodside in their game.

Madeline Smith-Morton, Staff Writer

Right from the jump JV girls basketball team took the lead and held it against Woodside in their win on Jan. 27.

The Scots’ team went wild when sophomore Evelyn Gordy scored the first point. Carlmont would stay in the lead for the rest of the game. 

Throughout the first quarter, Carlmont maintained relatively strong play.

The game started out slowly as the ball moved back and forth between the two teams. As the quarter progressed, Carlmont became more aggressive scoring 12 points.

Once the second quarter began the Scots settled into an easy rhythm of scoring as their opponents failed to maintain a solid defense.

By halftime, Carlmont pulled even further ahead with a score of 25-4.


The Scots then went on a scoring streak as they converted many turnovers and jump balls in their favor. The team worked hard, used plays, and complete passes to push past Woodside’s defense.

“We play as a team, no one person is taking on more than they can handle,” said team manager Kayleigh Bhatt. “I don’t play the games, but I practice with them, so it’s cool to see all that work translated into the games.”

As the game progressed, both teams were cheering loudly and urging their teammates to keep going. Those in the crowd also added in their voices, as parents and students alike cheered for their team.

The game ended with another win for Carlmont JV girls with a final score of 38-4.

“The last couple of games we have been kinda out of it [with us] not trusting each other but I think winning this game brought us together,” said sophomore Grace Ledwith.

The JV girls now have a record of 6-1 and will play again on Wednesday, Feb. 1 against Aragon.