JV volleyball continues their undefeated season


Nour Zabaneh

JV volleyball celebrates their win against Hillsdale.

Nour Zabaneh, Staff Writer

lWith their undefeated record and first place position at stake, the Scots successfully beat the second place Hillsdale Knights.

On October 6, Carlmont JV volleyball was able to persevere and triumph now making their coveted record 7-0 in the Scots gym.

“We knew that they had gotten better, so we just needed to work hard and not be too cocky.” said sophomore Elizabeth Prozell.

Carlmont had a tough start on the court, due to lack of communication and low energy. Down 12-3 it took a momentum changing spike by sophomore Prozell to bring up the team morale.

Sophomore Tira Testa said, “ With our undefeated record we were a little cocky coming in and once we missed the first couple passes we got psyched out.”

With consistent spiking from sophomore Clara Vltavsky and Testa, the scots began to dominate. Matched with the precise setting from sophomore Katie Wong the trio were hard to defend against. Winning the set 25-18 they were back to their typical play.



Clara Vltavsky said, “I felt that if we didn’t play well enough that it could be my fault that we didn’t win because I get to set a lot and if I miss the hit or the block it ruins the point.”

The Scots continued their momentum in the second set with more completed passes and higher intensity. Hillsdale played strong and the score stayed fairly even throughout the set. Luckily the Scots were able to push through the last couple plays and won the set 25-8 winning the game.

Clara Vltavsky said, “I think the team played really well. We brought it together in the second set because we started communicating better and we recovered from their serving streak in the first set.”

Going forward the Lady Scots hope to maintain their winning streak by better communicating and more consistent passing. With these adjustments added to their play, Carlmont will continue to beat their opponents.

“We’ve beaten every team already so now we’re seeing them for the second time and we have to be more prepared for the revenge factor,” said head coach Taylor Chung.