Lighting up the holidays


This year, as many others, Eucalyptus Street in San Carlos pulled out all the stops for their lights in appreciation of the holiday season.

The extravagant lights can be numbered at over 17,000 lights on just one house. It is a rarity to find a house on Eucalyptus without decorations on it.

In contrast with the 17,000 lights, some houses obtain a more understated, yet beautiful styling.

Although lights are the main source of entertainment on the street, there are also many other types of decorations such as blowup snowmen or many other light up toys.

Eucalyptus’s lights created such havoc that parts of the street are blocked off to accommodate for the abundant traffic flowing through the area at night.

“Eucalyptus has been putting up lights for as long as I can remember. I saw them this year and they are really over the top, but still really cool. I would not expect any less from Eucalyptus,” said Jackie Li.

People can be spotted viewing the decorations every night, either by foot or by car.

The families on this street spend lots of time setting up their lights, some consuming up to four hours.

Many Carlmont students and their family or friends have enjoyed the light show.

“The lights are really pretty and they were fun to look at with my family and my sister,” replied Jen Lofty.

Many people from all over San Carlos and Belmont travel to Eucalyptus Street to admire the different arrangement of lights.

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