Lovelife explores the true values of society


Alex Lay, Staff Writer

“Everybody Wants To Be Someone Else” was released onto SoundCloud by the band Lovelife on Dec. 20, 2013. The electronic gospel song easily relates to the listener and provides new ways to view life and its different aspects.

According to tweets from the band, Lovelife took one year to write this song, and it was definitely worth the wait. The song has a deep meaning and whisks the listener away to a new world unlike any other through its intricate and relaxing tones.

“’Everybody Wants To Be Someone Else’ has a very truthful and sincere meaning that expresses what the modern day society is experiencing under the surface,” said sophomore Melody Shanahan. 

“Everybody Wants To Be Someone Else” is the perfect representation of an insecure society full of people that are never satisfied with their current appearance. People are constantly being pressured by the media to change and become like the ideal man or woman, when in reality it is impossible, and Lovelife captured this idea in the song.

Judgmental and selective attitudes in society cause the collective craving to change oneself, portrayed clearly in the song. Jealously also plays a major factor in society, which the song’s tone and lyrics represent in a catchy and captivating way.

“The beat of the song was really chill and the lyrics captured a real issue, unlike what we see in the media,” said Shanahan.

The lyrics of the song have a deep meaning that many interpret in their own way.

“The song conveys the common issue of not accepting yourself the way you are. People generally aren’t happy with themselves, and Everybody Wants To Be Someone Else identifies that issue through their lyrics,” said sophomore Lauren Schmal.

The song’s lyrics focus on the need for individuality and living with no regrets.

Leonard Newell, the band’s lead singer used lyrics explaining the true meaning of the song that said, “waste your time and make an example of yourself.”

Many of teenagers today feel very insecure about their appearance and “Everybody Wants To Be Someone Else” is the perfect song to delve into. The listener gets to experience the bond between the band and the listener that is apparent in this song.

In the past, Lovelife released many different songs that all are very relatable and catchy. These songs were easy to fall in love with and play on repeat for a long time. Each song is unique, each expressing different emotions, which adds diversity and intrigues the audience of the band.

On Twitter, Lovelife announced 2014 was going to be a big year, and they are writing new music. Fans hope the band will release new music as soon as possible, and if the band follows previous trends, the new music will be different from previous songs, yet still as interesting and unique.

“The song portrays how life is short and that you shouldn’t spend the rest of your life trying to be someone you aren’t, unlike a majority of society. This is an important life lesson that people should implement into their daily lives,” said sophomore Michael Lima.

The members of Lovelife