Man shot at Bel Mateo Bowl

On Dec. 17, Bel Mateo Bowl was reopened to the public following the shooting the previous day.

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On Dec. 17, Bel Mateo Bowl was reopened to the public following the shooting the previous day.

Nicole del Cardayre, Staff Writer

On Dec. 16, a man was shot several times outside of Bel Mateo Bowl.

According to KTVU News, the shooting appeared to be an isolated incident and the victim was targeted.

Around 10 p.m. the San Mateo police office received many phone calls from citizens expressing their concern regarding the sound of gun shots.

According to Mercury News, the victim was found lying on the ground in the outer entryway of the bowling alley with multiple gunshot wounds.

The man was rushed to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

As of Dec. 17, the man was reported to be in critical but stable condition.

The San Mateo police have asked that if anybody has information to please call and notify them.

“Bel Mateo Bowl is a family-friendly place. It has been for a long time. This event just proves that incidents can happen anywhere. I felt unsafe at first, but you can’t live your life in fear. The community has to trust that the police will do their job in maintaining protection over all its citizens,” said junior Jake Stulbarg

Bel Mateo Bowl is known for having a family-friendly environment. Many birthday parties and events are held there as it is a fun and entertaining space.

“This shooting makes me very scared and worried for families in the area, as that is a popular place to go to, especially for younger kids,” said junior Liz Boman.

On Dec. 17, the bowling alley was reopened to the public.

Any person with information about the shooting is asked to please contact the San Mateo police or Detective Ed Han at 650-522-7664 or [email protected] In addition, one can also call the police department’s Secret Witness Line at 650-522-7676 or leave an anonymous tip online.