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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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MBTI matches people’s personality types

Avery Wong
MBTI tests are available online for easy access.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a system in which people are sorted into 16 categories based on their personalities. Certain online tests decide if the person is introverted or extroverted, sensing or intuitive, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. Learning about MBTI types helps people understand more about themselves as well as other types of people.




INTJs are known as Architects. They are naturally curious and enjoy researching and analyzing any subjects of interest. Although respectfully independent, INTJs may be ignorant to emotions, fearing that it might influence their judgment. 


Logicians are known to be objective, original, and open-minded. INTPs value truth and are natural filters of false news and misinterpretations. However, INTPs are also known to be perfectionists who often feel unsatisfied.


These people are also referred to as Commanders. ENTJs succeed in leadership roles as they are efficient and strong-willed. Due to their need to keep everything in order, ENTJs may be stubborn or come off as arrogant.


Debaters are witty, energetic, and value new inspiration. These people have a large range of knowledge and are strategic thinkers. However, as implied from the name, ENTPs are often argumentative and intolerant. 




Advocates are one of the rarest MBTI types. They are known to be insightful, gentle, and have strong personal beliefs. As INFJs prefer to keep to themselves, they may find it difficult to open up to others. 

Most Rare MBTI Types by Avery Wong


INFPs, also known as Mediators, are known to be empathetic. They are creative and often have big dreams. INFPs are naturally emotional and may become too focused on pleasing those around them. 


Protagonists are often viewed as reliable people with great people skills. ENFJs are charismatic and want to make a positive impact on their community. However, ENFJs might face unrealistic expectations over time.


ENFPs, also known as Campaigners, are enthusiastic people who often make others smile. They are genuine people who find the good in everyone. As many ENFPs make strong impressions, they might come off as overly optimistic to introverted people.  




ISTJs are also known as Logisticians. They are known to be responsible and skilled in a variety of talents. While ISTJs are very practical, they can also follow rules too strictly and are quite stubborn. 


Defenders are extremely reliable people. They are naturally observant and use their social skills to support others. ISFJs may come off as shy at first and are often unenthusiastic towards change. 


ESTJs enjoy when everything is in order and are great at organizing. They are dedicated to their work and are natural leaders. Executives are often reluctant to relax and may have difficulties communicating their emotions. 


Consuls are loyal people who make connections with others easily. ESFJs are very caring people with sensitive personalities. However, ESFJs are often too sensitive to criticism and may put others before themselves too much.  




ISTPs are also known as Virtuosos. They are very energetic people who are spontaneous and react well in emergency situations. ISTPs are often too easily bored, as they enjoy adventurous ways of living. But others might think these people take too many risks. 


Adventurers are people who appreciate art and creativity. They carry big imaginations and are passionate about their work. ISFPs get easily stressed, as they like to keep their troubles to themselves because they are independent people. 


ESTPs are bold and like to make a statement. They are called Entrepreneurs, and they enjoy hands-on experiences where they are free to take risks. ESTPs are also impatient and may be too focused on their own preferences to think about others. 


Entertainers are observant and great at interacting with other people. They have natural social skills and avoid conflict at all times. ESFPs may be unfocused on tasks at hand and sensitive. 

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About the Contributor
Avery Wong
Avery Wong, Staff Writer
Avery Wong is a senior at Carlmont High School. She enjoys creative work and helping others tell their stories. She strives to raise awareness about worldwide events, as well as community ones.

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MBTI matches people’s personality types