Mihoyo drops Genshin Impact

Standing in front of Mondstat, a vital city in

Glydelle Espano

Standing in front of Mondstat, a vital city in “Genshin Impact,” is Keqing. She is one out of over twenty playable characters.

Genshin Impact” came out in September 2020 and immediately struck my interest. I downloaded it as soon as I got the chance, and I’m glad I did.

This game is Mihoyo’s most recently released role-playing game (RPG), and it draws the player in right as the first scene plays, introducing the player to the new world ready for exploration. “Genshin Impact” includes plenty of different features, which keeps the player invested and craving to play more. Quests, leveling up, and the characters are aspects of the game that definitely keeps me invested.

“Genshin Impact” contains a wide variety of quest and well-written stories. The whole quest and story features certainly keep players busy since there are so many quests available, especially for new players.

Along with quests, I enjoy leveling up while playing. The more you level up, the harder the bosses and monsters become, which strikes up more of a challenge. Leveling up in “Genshin Impact” also gives various rewards in which you could use in many different ways in the game. Not only can players level up their rank, but they can also level up characters and weapons to make them stronger for battles.

Another remarkable feature is the cast of available characters. Currently, there are more than twenty playable characters, ranging from four to five-star rarity. These characters all have their own sets of moves and powers. Players usually obtain characters by a function called wishing. Wishing is a gacha-like feature in which players use the in-game currency to get characters by random chance. I really enjoy wishing because I love the feeling of getting rare characters, although it doesn’t happen often. I feel like that feature also draws in many players because they want to unlock five-star characters, the rarest ones available.

The game also has an expansive map, filled with many areas to unlock. Players can discover different variables of the game while exploring the map.

If you enjoy the mobile game “Food Fantasy,” you might enjoy “Genshin Impact.” They share similar traits, like their characters and the gacha aspect, and are both action games. Additionally, anime fans may also take a liking to this game, as its characters are styled similarly to anime characters. Some of the characters share the same voice as popular figures from anime because anime voice actors voice them.

Quests, leveling up, characters, and exploring are only some of the few reasons to play “Genshin Impact.” It’s available from all kinds of devices, from Windows to iOS, meaning nearly everyone can try it out.

All in all, I give this game a solid five out of five stars because I’ve been playing it non-stop, and I can’t wait for new characters to be released.


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