Scots want candid candidates for student office

Jackson Monge, Staff Writer

Students anxiously wait for March 8, the day that student elections are held in front of the ASB room. Elections determine a lot for students aside from simply who is in charge. Each candidate has their own view on how to make Carlmont even better.

Candidates submit their videos for students to watch, hoping to get votes, but some focus on being funny rather than giving a serious outline of their reasons to become an officer.

“I think the elections should be more serious, and candidates’ videos should be more inspiring to convince people to vote for them. I also hope the new student body will create fun activities, make this school lively, and not just say that they’ll improve the school then not do anything. Actions speak louder than words,” said sophomore Christian Licudine.

This is what some students want: more upfront, serious representations of candidates when they present themselves in the videos. Many students also want candidates to make a “roadmap” of where they want to take the school.

“I think that the new elections are a good way to see different points of view, and I feel like it can bring in some amazing leaders. I hope that the new student body officers are able to generate a positive impact. One change that I want is for the new class officers to focus on issues that are affecting students and to not focus as much on things like dances and fundraisers,” said sophomore Andrew Joo.

Being candid and addressing what needs to be fixed is something more and more students are desiring from the student officers.

“Some more positive change is what we all want. I personally don’t just want the same things that happen every year. A significant change that affects us positively would be great, since I haven’t seen a big change. Small things have been tweaked that make school life better, but I think a big swing in the way we normally do things would make school better,” said sophomore Oliver Richardson.

Whether big or small changes will be made to Carlmont, students must decide on what candidate will be best for Carlmont, making changes for the betterment of the student populace.