New game day look for boys soccer

New game day look for boys soccer

Ariana Crame, Staff Writer

The boys soccer team has ordered new polo shirts for the players to wear on game days.

This is the first year that the soccer team has worn the polos. The soccer coaches were the ones to come up with the new classy look for the teams.

“I love the polos, it gives the soccer team a bit more unity and it also shows off our Scots pride,” said sophomore Camron Dennler, member of the Frosh-Soph team.

“The soccer team got the new soccer polos to look more professional and they give us less of a chance to mess up our game day jerseys,” said sophomore Max Lieberman, member of the Frosh-Soph team.

Sports teams have always worn their jerseys to school to show their school spirit and pride, except for the basketball team which has their own attire they wear on game days. Basketball’s attire is either khakis or slacks, a dress shirt, a tie, and their team jackets.

Sophomore Keegan Kirk, member of the boys basketball team said, “I think all teams should have some sort of nice attire before a game to keep the sport respectable and professional.”

It would be a good idea for more of the sports teams to look more professional and dress nicer because it draws attention to the players and informs the students that there is a game. The more students that know about school games, the more people go to the games. The nicer clothes are just another form of publicity to get students to go support the teams.

When baseball player Tyler Brandenburg was asked if the baseball team should follow the soccer team’s lead and wear a classy shirt rather than a jersey, he said, “Yeah, it would be cool if the baseball team could look more professional because it would bring the team together more and let more people know that we have a game that day. The more people that know about our game the better because the baseball field is already hard to find for some students so we don’t get many fans to come and support us.”

Swimmer Erika Marshall agrees that it would be nice if her team had a shirt to wear to designate meet days so people would know when to gather at the pool to cheer on the swim team.

Both Dennler and Lieberman believe that the soccer polos are here to stay and that next year’s teams will carry on with the new classy look.