New years’ resolutions

As the first semester comes to a close, Carlmont is currently getting ready to head towards winter break. Once first semester finals are over, students are officially done with school for 2011 and can go home until school resumes in January.

During winter break, Carlmont staff and students will relax and spend their time off with their families. But, after a day of opening presents and consuming a good holiday meal, they will prepare for New Year’s Eve.

On New Years Eve, people celebrate as they greet the new year with a warm welcome. People even create ‘New Years Resolutions’. A New Years Resolution is when a person decides to create a goal he or she wishes to accomplish during the new year.

Kingston Jack thinks highly about New Years resolutions.”I think its a good idea its always good to put a goal ahead of you,” said Jack, ” it even gives you something to work for and why not start one for the beginning of the year?”

Alec Castaneda is among the group of people who have a created a New Years resolution for themselves. “For my new years resolution, I plan to get better grades during the second semester,” said Castaneda, “I will take more work more seriously during 2012.”

Before they welcome the new year, Carlmont will enjoy a winter break filled with joy, family, celebration, and maybe a New Years Resolution.