No lights, no problem for the Scots


Lara Ostroff, Staff Writer

Scots breezed through a JV soccer win against the Hillsdale Knights.

These JV soccer boys brought their “A-Game” to pummel the Knights on their own turf with a final game score of 2:0.

Pumping themselves up with their pre-game chant and huddle, nothing could stop them, even with the absence of stadium lights, causing a shortened game, and temperatures dropping below 40.

“I feel confident coming in, we have a good side. We’ve come together as a soccer family,” said sophomore Max Lieberman.

Lieberman would soon be proven correct, as the Scots offense and defense would soon team up to bring victory in the name of Carlmont.

The game started off in the Scots favor with thanks to the drive of Alex Yang, when the ball took a bounce off of a Hillsdale defender, coming straight for Yang at the penalty spot, who then swiftly hit it into the bottom left corner of the goal, using his left foot.

Yang’s persistence and timing brought the first goal of the game, raising the score 1:0 Scots.

Dream defense team sophomores Matt DeGraff and Taran Sun kept the Knights away from the Scots goal, even with the temperature dropping below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and tensions rising to keep the Knights from scoring and bringing the game to a tie.

“I felt fantabulous about the game. I feel like we’re solid. We’ve played every Carlmont season together,” said DeGraff, member of the dynamic duo.

Gearing back into the game, a stealth assist by sophomore Kian Karamdashti led Thomas Chin to bring home the Scots final score of 2:0.

Karamdashti crossed the ball for Chin, who then headed it into the goal.

The game ended shortly after due to the absence of stadium lights of the Knight’s field, leaving the boys promptly done at 5:15.