The North Face backpacks are taking over


Kat Savin, ScotCenter Video Editor

This school year, The North Face backpacks have been seen around school even more than ever.

The North Face is a well-known company which supplies men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids’ clothing, and equipment. The North Face carries a bunch of different  styles of backpacks which include some seen at school, including the Jester, Borealis, and Surge. These styles are seen all over campus in different colors and designs.

The backpacks were originally used for hiking or camping, but because of their durability and comfort, students at Carlmont are buying them to use at school. These backpacks have comfortable back and shoulder padding, which make it easier to walk around campus with textbooks and other school supplies.

The downside to these backpacks are their price, they can range from $55.00-$180.00.

“I have a North Face backpack and I love how comfortable they are. I also like how they can fit a lot of  items inside, so it’s really good for school work and textbooks,” says Ilanna Caetano, a junior at Carlmont.

“I want a North Face backpack but I was unable to find one at the store,” commented student Gen Kellis.

“I don’t have a North Face backpack because they’re too expensive, but I would like one,” says Carlos Rama.

Get ready to see peers sporting different colors and styles of North Faces around campus.

Kat Savin | Scot Scoop News






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