Olympics just around the corner

2012 London Summer Olympics logo

2012 London Summer Olympics logo

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2012 London Summer Olympics logo

As Carlmont students count down the days until summer, they are also counting down the days until the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

“Yeah, I’m excited to see the Olympics, the summer events are my favorite. I’ll definitely be watching the US in soccer,” commented Carlmont senior, Matt Wood.

The opening day ceremony for this summer’s Olympics will be on July 27 and will be called, “The Isles of Wonder.” The games will continue throughout July and into August, until the closing ceremony on Aug. 12.

This year, the Olympics will take place in London, England. Since the announcement that England won the bid to host the Olympics back in 2006, London has gone through many renovations in preparation for hosting the major event. One of the biggest builds was the London Olympic Stadium, a massive stadium that holds 800,000 spectators, where the opening and closing ceremonies will be taking place.

The 2012 Summer Olympics will include 26 different sports. Some of the more popular events include soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, and swimming. This year will be the first time that softball and baseball have been eliminated from the event list; taking their place will be golf and rugby.

Come July, almost 18,000 athletes from more than 200 countries will travel to London to compete, all trying to prove that they, and the country they represent, are the best. This year’s competition, just like everyone before it, will be a spectacular show and shouldn’t be missed.


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