One-day homecoming ticket sale draws students to the quad


Samantha Chu

Carlmont students line up in the quad during the one-day homecoming ticket sale to buy their discounted tickets on Oct. 16. Tickets were sold for $5 cheaper than the normal prices on Oct. 17 to Oct. 27.

Samantha Chu , Managing Editor

It seems like Black Friday has come early for students at Carlmont.

ASB held a one-day homecoming ticket sale on Oct. 16, and students rushed to the quad to buy the discounted tickets.

Homecoming has had social media in a frenzy for the past couple of weeks, and ASB continues to promote the homecoming dance and build excitement on campus.

“We want to promote the dance really well and get people hyped up about it,” said Jim Kelly, the ASB teacher. “It’s ASB giving the student body something because the price is less than our cost [expenses for homecoming].”

In the past, this sale has attracted many students and was a success for ASB, who anticipate similar success to previous years.

“We expect this to be a very popular day for ticket purchasing. A lot of people love it when the prices are discounted and they usually make their way down to the quad for a cheaper price,” said Michelle Tenin, a senior and the Dance Commission Supervisor.

According to Kelly, ASB sold about 200 tickets at last year’s one-day homecoming ticket sale.

“We expect there to be around the same amount of people [as last year] buying tickets on the one-day sale, if not more,” said Tenin.

ASB was selling tickets for $10 with a PAL sticker and $15 without a PAL sticker, which is $5 cheaper than the regular homecoming ticket price (regular homecoming tickets will be sold Oct. 17 to Oct. 27).

On the day of the sale, many students went to the quad to buy the cheaper homecoming tickets.

“The crowd was an amalgamation of people from all circumstances, waiting to get their ticket to the dance,” said Wesley Costa, a sophomore.

This year, ASB decided to use computers and scanners to efficiently sell the tickets, whereas in previous years,  the process was done by hand.

“When I got up there to the lady, it [the process] was fairly easy,” said Costa. “Once I got past the line the process went quickly, and I got my ticket within a short amount of time.”

The event was considered a success for ASB because according to Kelly, 194 tickets were sold at the event (with some still needing to be counted) matching the approximate 200 tickets sold last year.

“It was a whole effort with everyone from ASB,” said Tenin.