One student, many activities


Abbey Holbrook’s headshot from Carlmont’s musical, “Annie Get Your Gun.” Photo taken by Robyn Peters.

Athena Duran, Staff Writer

From participating in lacrosse and playing the drums, to choir kid and hardcore San Francisco Giants fan, Abbey Holbrook keeps herself busy during the school year.

Currently, Holbrook is involved in Carlmont’s show choir and lacrosse team. The rehearsals and practices nearly overlap on a daily basis.

Abbey Holbrook's headshot from Carlmont's musical, "Annie Get Your Gun." Photo taken by Robyn Peters.
Abbey Holbrook’s headshot from Carlmont’s musical, “Annie Get Your Gun.” Photo taken by Robyn Peters.

“Rehearsal for show choir ends at 5:30 p.m. and lacrosse practice begins at 6 p.m. It can get pretty crazy, especially with homework and everything, but it’s worth it because I have a lot of fun participating in both activities. Both are a great way to make friends,” said Holbrook.

Holbrook has played the drums for the past seven years. She enjoys playing a musical instrument because it allows her to have fun, go crazy and express herself.

Holbrook said, “In elementary school there is a process where students come and pick an instrument that they will play the next year. I showed up late and was the last person to choose. The only thing left was the drums. It turned out great because I love the drums. I guess I didn’t really choose the drums, it’s more like the drums chose me.”

During her free time, Holbrook keeps up with the latest news on the San Francisco Giants. Her favorite player is Matt Cain. She has been a fan for many years and enjoys going to games with her family and friends.

Holbrook is the middle child of five children. Though she loves having a big family, being stuck in the middle can prove to be challenging at times. “I don’t like being the middle child that much. The two older kids get to have all the experiences first and the two younger ones get spoiled and extra attention. Sometimes I feel like I’m just there,” said Holbrook.

Whether it’s playing the drums or running laps at lacrosse practice, Holbrook has a variety of  activities to keep her going as the school year comes to an end.