Paris Baguette leaves people ‘kneading’ more pastries


Taya Yakovenko

An unusually quite state of the Milbrae “Paris Baguette.”

Taya Yakovenko, Staff Writer

A pleasant atmosphere, the smell of coffee, and freshly baked pastries will welcome everyone to one of many well-known Paris Baguette cafes.

The Paris Baguette chain is known for having a variety of well-crafted desserts, offering both pastries and cakes and making it one of the best places to get a sweet treat.

The various cake recipes come from multiple cultures, most of which are Asian or European. The cakes are beautifully decorated with fruit and various chocolate pieces that make them unique to the cafe. A few examples would include tiramisu, chiffon cakes, creme brulee and, of course, macaroons.

Everyone that visits a Paris Baguette should try the macaroons. A delicate cookie made out of almond flour and filled with cream. An impressive variety of color and flavors of the famous French dessert would suit anybody’s taste.

A superb range of cakes is not the only thing that Paris Baguette has to offer. An assortment of equally spectacular pastries gives the client even more options. Most of the pastries are savory and complement the wide range of sweet options offered by the cafe.  

Alongside with pastries, cakes, and other desserts the cafe offers a couple of different kinds of ice cream, puddings, various salads, and sandwiches.

The cafe also offers a selection of drinks, and although they offer teas, refreshers, and seasonal drinks, coffee is the ultimate beverage to get as it pairs well with many of their deserts.

Paris Baguette’s design centers around a basic, yet aesthetically pleasing color scheme of white, blue, and grey. The cafe has a vast seating area for anyone wanting to enjoy their dessert and coffee indoors, which is filled with a number of comfortable chairs and small tables and includes a wide, wooden table that compliments the overall layout.

In addition, the cafe offers free Wi-Fi and a fair amount of outlets to charge electronic devices.

Paris Baguette is yet another great bakery that should be visited for a distinguishing treat and an interior that would make for a nice working place.

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