Vanilla Moon’s closing is bittersweet


Ayden Smith

Vanilla Moon, a small bakery in San Carlos, closed on Dec. 31, 2016.

Ayden Smith, Staff Writer

It is a chilly winter day, and a person is out walking the streets of San Carlos. They feel like getting a good cup of coffee to warm themselves up when they see the perfect place, Vanilla Moon. Their eyes light up when they go inside and find themselves in a warm, cozy little bakery.

Sadly, this scene will never happen again. The little bakery known as Vanilla Moon that was located at 872 Laurel St. recently closed on Dec. 31, 2016. For San Carlos residents, Vanilla Moon was a great place to get baked delicacies or a nice hot cup of coffee.

Many people are sad about the closing of Vanilla Moon, reminiscing about the time they spent at the wonderful place.

Emma Zaliyata, a San Carlos resident who frequented Vanilla Moon, said, “It breaks my heart to see you go. I moved to Belmont eight years ago and fell in love with this little jewel. Best wishes for your new endeavors. You will be missed.

Some people used to go out of their way in order to get a box of Vanilla Moon’s delicious lemon meringue tarts or their soft, fluffy scones. Kelly Nielson, an Arizona resident, went to Vanilla Moon every time she was in the Bay Area.

Nielson said, “The scones are the best I’ve had anywhere in the world.”

Despite the store’s closing, pastry lovers can still enjoy Vanilla Moon’s delicious treats by purchasing the new cookbook that is filled with recipes from the bakery’s founder Christie Perego. This cookbook gives Vanilla Moon lovers something to remember the bakery by so that they never forget the time they spent at their favorite coffee shop.