Pi Day is cut into slices by block schedule


Bobby Goldie

Math students all wait for that oh-so-enticing date, March 14. Many math teachers celebrated by allowing their classes to bring in pie and desserts to share.

Jackson Monge, Staff Writer

March 14 is also known as Pi Day, deriving its name from the never-ending number used to measure circles. On Pi Day, the number Pi (3.1415626) is celebrated, as is its physical dessert counterpart, pie.

This year, block schedule is changing Pi Day for Carlmont. Some math classes are moving their Pi Day celebrations and festivities to later in the week. This comes with the convenience of a leisurely day in math class, but at the expense of needing to cover several lessons in a single period in the block-scheduled day before their celebrations.

“Pi Day is a great holiday for math enthusiasts. I don’t like the block scheduling, because I feel it hinders Pi Day. Some classes end up delaying it, and others just decide to not celebrate it. Plus, it loses some of its meaning if you don’t celebrate it on March 14,” said sophomore Aiden Wantz.

Students love Pi Day to celebrate math. But some believe, that the celebration is hindered by the block schedule if their class or teacher chose to delay it til later in the week.

“I am not a huge proponent for block scheduling because some classes I don’t like are longer, and the classes I like become so long that they’re boring, but I don’t mind a longer Pi Day,” said sophomore Casey Felton. “I don’t care if I have two or three lessons to learn in a day if it would mean an easy and relaxing period of math and, of course, eating pie when we celebrate later in the week.”

Pi Day is a day to celebrate Pi and pie. Many teachers give their students a break from classwork and notes, which is one reason why students like Felton don’t mind when Pi Day is as long as they get to celebrate it.

“Just so long as we get Pi Day, I am satisfied,” said sophomore Edward Vendrow. “Block schedule can make it longer, which is completely fine with me. Pi Day gives me time to relax from competing for the top spots in the math contests.”