Picture day reframes to comply with COVID-19 guidelines


Sophia Mattioli

Modifications such as maintaining social distance and mandatory face-coverings keep students safe when getting their photos taken.

Carlmont High School has adapted school pictures to COVID-19 guidelines by using assigned schedules, mandatory face coverings, and maintaining social distance.

While procedures like mask-wearing and hand sanitizing are more straightforward, social distancing requires ample space. To help distance everyone, students will get their pictures taken in the Stogner Gym within a specific time slot. The schedule assigns students a particular time to show up, according to last name, on their grade-specific day.

In the past, each grade would have an assigned day to get their photo taken. All students in that grade would come at any time, which led some days to have lines out the door, while others with barely any turnout. This year, more specific scheduling ensures a consistently low number of students present at any given time. 

“I called it a slow trickle that came in all day long. But we got around 95% of the freshmen pictures taken,” said Mr. Steunenberg, Carlmont Vice Principal, when asked about freshman picture day. 

Students are typically dropped off at the roundabout by the pool, and while taking photos, their drivers go to the designated parking and waiting area. Soon enough, students return to their driver or parked car. 

Several freshmen would agree with Steunenberg that picture day went well.

“There weren’t many people there, it was safe, and it was very quick. It went by really fast,” said Pailey DeBorde, a freshman at Carlmont. 

Freshmen had their pictures taken a few weeks ago on Sept. 30. Sophomores can expect the same process and procedures on Oct. 28 and juniors, Nov. 18; both of these dates also double as makeup days. 

It ran adequately for freshman Stella Pavao as she attended campus on Sept. 30 to take her photo. 

“It was really safe. I was one of the only people in the gym at the time; it was pretty empty. They had everything marked out so people would distance, and everyone was masked up,” Pavao said. 

Steunenberg said keeping events organized has helped staff keep up. 

Summarizing how admin has adapted, Steunenberg said, “Things are always changing. This is just changing in a way we’ve never experienced before.” 

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