Pool renovation makes a splash


Auva Soheili

Carlmont swim team begins the first practice of the season in the newly renovated facility on Monday, Feb. 4.

Auva Soheili, Staff Writer

Following a month-long remodel by maintenance crews, the swimming pool is set to reopen the week of Feb. 4.

The renovations include re-plastering the pool and the addition of a handicap accessible chair lift.

According to Grant Steunenburg, the Administrative Vice Principal, re-plastering is a procedure that must occur every 10 years.

Steunenburg said, “This is basic maintenance on a pool. I was approached by our district’s Chief Facilities Officer, Matthew Zito, in October to let us know there was money available to undertake the project.”

The remodel began on Dec. 15 and was completed Jan. 21. Unfortunately, the water heater broke causing a week-long delay for the reopening of the pool.

“Our first meet is on March 1, and with Mid-Winter Break in a couple weeks, that will only leave us about nine practice days until then. That, obviously, is not ideal,” Jim Kelly, one of the swim coaches, said. “But the season goes into late April, so I’m confident we’ll be in good shape for the championship meet at the end of April.”

Swim practice resumed on Monday, Feb. 4.

Over the summer, renovations began on the pool locker rooms as part of a capital repairs project. The locker rooms were completed in the early fall.

In previous years, specifically 2003–2004, the school undertook a more drastic remodel. The original pool, now cemented over and made into basketball courts, was moved to the front of the school where it currently resides.

Although the pool updates were not as monumental this time around, some features of the pool were altered. One feature includes the handicap accessible chair lift. With this addition, students with special needs will be better assisted.

Besides the new installment, the re-plastering has slightly tweaked the appearance of the pool. A 15-year-old facility now looks quite pristine and brand new.

“The best part is the water being a lot nicer, everything is super clean since there are no cracks from the old tiles,” Sofia Sharron, a sophomore on the Carlmont swim team, said. “But the worst part would probably be the fact that we lost about a week of our season.”