Popping tags with kitties in my pocket

Take home a new pair of clogs and a best friend today.

Take home a new pair of clogs and a best friend today.

Mia Hogan, Staff Writer

No single store has the ability to sell clocks, clogs, cats and coats all at once in the same location.

The Peninsula Humane Society (PHS), is grateful for their thrift shop Pick of the Litter. Located in Burlingame, it provides funding to the shelter with all profits directly benefiting the PHS.

Take home a new pair of clogs and a best friend today.
Take home a new pair of clogs and a best friend today.

The store selling a wide variety of things ranging from childrens’ toys to household appliances is the no average thrift shop. Along with a second hand store basics, Pick of the Litter also hosts mobile pet adoptions of animals in the PHS shelter.

Sophomore Sydney Cho said, “The Humane Society’s idea of a thrift shop is brilliant. It brings in money to the shelter along with another location for adoptions. The animals are brought to the people.”

Open seven days a week, the shelter is open for business and accepts donations. Staff and volunteers request a call ahead of time to make sure there is room in the store. Willing to help animals in anyway, pick ups are possible for furniture and large donation amounts. .

Pick of Litter also has an eBay account, where donated items will be listed. Online and in-store retail is open to anyone.

Every third Tuesday of the month, animals from the shelter are brought to the store for adoption. Along with perspective pets in store, all shop items are 50 percent off.

Sophomore Jonathan Kelvin said, “Mobile pet adoptions are beneficial because people unaware of the shelter and adoptable animals are presented to prospective owners. However, it repels community members with allergies, or fear of a certain animal.”

Numerous students attending Carlmont are unaware of the PHS’s Pick of the Litter thrift shop.

Sophomore Abbey Holbrook said, “Having a thrift store is great, but if little profit is made, the store becomes a burden. Bills rack up and the store has to deal with items not being sold.”

Pick of Litter does face issues with items not sold. In this case, the items are brought to the dump and thrown away, adding an expense on the store.

Help an animal, and stop by at the store any time. Located at 1127 Chula Vista Ave. Burlingame, Pick of the Litter always has their doors open to animal enthusiasts. Peruse the store’s unique products, and customers may end up walking out with kitty in their pocket.