Pops Concert is the favorite among choir students

Sonia Paulo, Staff Writer

The Carlmont Choirs Pops Concert is the favorite show of the year among performers and audiences due to its many variations from the traditional choral concert.

“The pops concert is a lot more exciting,” said choir student Lauren Pittock

The Carlmont Pops Concert is a fundraiser for the music programs CAPA Booster program. Because of this, tickets are $25 for everyone compared to the normal $8 for students and $12 for adults. However the higher prices of tickets don’t seem to effect the amount of people that go. In fact, the Pops Concert sells out faster than the normal concerts.

“The pops concert has a lot of current music which can make it a lot more fun, and having a theme like passport to adventure makes the concert more exciting,” said Pittock.

This year the choir will be singing pop songs about adventure and travel. The set list includes songs like “Spirit of Adventure” from the popular Disney movie Up. This differs from the normal music sung during the choir winter and spring concerts, in which they sing songs like Vivaldi’s Gloria and other classical pieces.

“The songs are more fun to sing, there’s a bigger variety of music compared to the winter and spring concerts and the songs are more well known.” said choir student Elizabeth Murphy, talking about why she likes the pops concert more.

During the Pops Concert, the choir also wears jeans and a t-shirt that illustrates the theme of that years pops concert. In 2011 the choir wore shirts saying the name of the concert with a British flag in the background to represent the theme of the year being British pop music. At all the other choir concerts, the girls wear long blue, floor length dresses which are very formal compared to the laid back look of jeans and t-shirts.

“I love wearing normal clothes!” said choir student Emilie Andersson, “wearing normal clothes is a thousand times better.”

This years pops concert “Passport to Adventure” will be held on the nights of Oct. 18 and Oct. 19 at 7pm. Tickets are available online or at the box office an hour before the show. Go to carlmontperformingarts.com to purchase tickets online.

Pops concert poster
Pops concert poster