Powder Puff 2014 kicks off with a mission


Ryan Geronimo

The Sophomore Powder Puff team strikes a pose after practice

Ethan Wong, Staff Writer

Carlmont’s Powder puff football began on Oct. 2, kicking off as the rival grades prepare for the lunch-time competition.

Powder puff is a women’s flag football competition that is a big part of Homecoming week at Carlmont. Girls from all four grades face off against each other in flag football games during lunch, attracting a large amount of student audience cheering the ladies on.

Junior Kayla Fong, a member of the winning powder puff team from 2013, said, “It’s really cool that girls get to play football. During football season it’s all about the guys. The whole school supports the girls during powder puff, and it’s good for equality between genders.”

Aside from the competition that is generated by this event, powder puff also contributes greatly to gender equality within Carlmont.

Sophomore Liam Jocson, leader of the sophomore powder puff team, said, “Powder puff shows that you don’t have to be a guy to play a masculine sport.”

Jocson also said, “girls are just as capable to play football as guys.”

Powder puff has become an important tradition throughout the course of the eight years it has been at Carlmont, as it has grown into a spirited competition between the grades, all four classes battling for first place.

Many people in the school have also taken notice, and members from the Feminist Club also showed their support for the female-oriented sport.

Sophomore Evelyn Lawrence, who is a part of the Feminist Club, said, “I don’t think it’s a bad thing that girls and boys are separated, and at least girls get the opportunity to play. But overall, it’s a good idea that girls get a chance to play football.”

Sophomore Jessica Chang said, “Equality for women’s rights have been a huge ordeal in the world, and events like Powder puff contribute to our school by supporting gender equality and raising school spirit.”

Powder puff’s first game will occur at lunch on Oct. 13 featuring the sophomore team facing off against last year’s winners, the juniors.