President Obama re-elected


Sophie Fox displays her support for President Obama

 Sophie Fox displays her support for President Obama

Carlmont students had mixed feelings over President Obama’s re-election over Republican challenger, Governor Mitt Romney on Nov. 6.

While Carlmont Democrats were celebrating, Carlmont Republicans were grumbling at their loss. According to the Huffington Post, Obama won 50.5 percent of the popular vote to Romney’s 48 percent. Obama won 332 electoral votes compared to Romney’s 206 electoral votes.

Sophomore Adam Cobb stated, “I feel amazing, this honestly the best thing that’s happened, and people don’t realize that when they think that Obama hasn’t done anything. It’s because really everyone else is keeping him from making progress in this nation.”

Obama’s re-election came at a time of much polarization in America.  Obama had a clear lead in the early part of the election but Romney closed the gap in the last few weeks of his bid for the presidency.  Most pundits said that Obama would win the electoral college while Romney would win the popular vote.

Sophomore James Xie stated, “I’m certainly not happy, I wouldn’t have been happy with Romney anyways.”

Romney dealt with this disapproval during a brutal Republican primary which was scattered with different Republican challengers every few primary.

Sophomore Raneem Mokatrin said, “I’m not necessarily for him, but I’ll settle for [Obama].”

When Obama first ran for the presidency in 2008, he rode a campaign on “Hope and Change.”  After he took office, the economy recovered and has stopped falling. Going into the election, Obama worried about high unemployment and huge deficits.

In his concession speech, Romney said to his group of supporters in Boston, Massachusetts, “I ask you to pray earnestly for [Obama], and God bless America.”

In his victory speech, Obama stated, “We know in our hearts, that for the United States of America the best is yet to come.”