Promising season ahead for JV Football

Promising season ahead for JV Football

Lauren Tierney, Staff Writer

The Carlmont junior varsity (JV) football team shows hope of a promising season ahead.

Junior varsity football won their first game against Yerba Buena High School 34-0, and beat Gunn High School 52-14 in their first away game.

JV head coach Bruce Douglas said, “So far in week three, the team is progressing nicely and improving week to week, which is what we are looking for over the entire season.”

In their game against Homestead, they suffered a 55-0 loss.

In the past, the JV football team has been extremely successful. Last year, they had a record of 8-3, and in 2012, a record of 8-2.

Douglas said, “The strong point is the leadership on the team and while much of that is coming from the Sophomores who played last year, we do have a number of Freshmen who have stepped up as leaders as well. The weak points I see are simply the areas where we can improve and not necessarily weak points. Those include many of the basics of the game including blocking well on every play, tackling fundamentals and tackling as a team, and special teams play (kickoff coverage, in particular).”

JV football creates the building blocks for the future success of the varsity team, so it is key that the team works hard from the start.

Douglas said, “I’m trying to keep my expectations to the team playing their best as a team, every week and improving every week, as I mentioned. If we can do those two things, the wins (and losses) will take care of themselves.”

It is still very early in the season to predict the success of the team, but so far the team shows they very well could have promising results.

Douglas said, “This is a team that has a lot of heart, works hard, is motivated and plays together as a team. It’s still early in the season, although I am very proud of all of them already.”