Put down your pencils


Ayesha Abbasi

Student taking a practice AP statistics exam in preparation for the test.

Ayesha Abbasi, Social Media Editor/Columnist

Due to AP testing taking place around the nation, student and teacher stress seems to be at an all time high.
This stress doesn’t come on its own and it most definitely isn’t lessened with the help of College Board. In fact, College Board seems to be founded on the principles of instilling stress in students and fear in teachers.
On a yearly basis student’s tests are cancelled for an innumerable amount of reasons, ranging from a vibrating cell phone to eating during the exam.
Since every test is worth the ridiculous price of 95 dollars and a majority of students are taking 2 or more tests, it’s important to follow these rules when prepping and taking the exams.

Rule 1) Have a mental breakdown the night before.
Cram, cram, cram. Since your teacher was only able to fit half the AP coursework into the year make sure to stay up the night before to cram in the other half.

Rule 2) Know your last name
Don’t be that kid that everyone has to wait around for because you don’t know where your last name is located in the room.

Rule 3) Eat as much as you can for breakfast
This way if the FRQ stresses you out too much you can just throw up all over it and pray for a 5.

Rule 4) Make an educated guess 
By educated guest that means pick the one that sounds the best.

Rule 5) Catch up on sleep 
You would think this would be the first rule but no. Studies have found that not understanding the free response question leaves a lot of time to catch up on the crucial sleep you missed out on while trying to cram in the second half of the AP coursework your teacher never got to fit in.

All jokes aside, AP testing is a difficult and stressful season for all, so the best thing to do is to review what you’ve learned and not stress out over a couple of tests. In less than a week, it’s all over and things go back to normal.