Questions arise over prom and mandatory school attendance


Brooke Buckley

Prom tickets

Brooke Buckley, Staff Writer

Correction: An earlier version of this story said that release time for students was 11 a.m.

Prom is on a Friday this year due to the venue not being available for a Saturday event.

Associative Student Body (ASB) Dance Commissioner Jen Anthony said, “we knew we wanted our prom at the Academy of Sciences and we took the only day that was available.”

Some students are worried about the amount of time they have to prepare due to prom being on a school day.

Senior Sara Anderson, “I need more time to get ready, I have to pick up my corsage, do my makeup, do my hair, and make it to pictures on time.”

Even though there is a lot to do on the day of prom administration has shortened the school day and the release time is 12:12 p.m. for students with a seventh period.

Senior Lexi Jenkins said, “I’m less concerned with the about of time to get ready I just want to sleep-in on Friday so I’m not tired all night at prom.”

Students are asking around asking whether school is mandatory or not to attend prom.

Senior Erica Aldanese said, “I hear that you have to go to school on the day of prom but I don’t know if that’s just a rumor because administration wants us to go to school?”

Some ASB members are not sure if school is mandatory in order to go to prom or not.

ASB dance commissioner Megan Guillermo said, “I’m not sure if you have to go to school or not that’s all administration’s call.”

As of now ASB is not checking attendance, but students are still curious if administration will check attendance.

Administrative Vice Principal Jennifer Cho said, “Normal attendance applies, you can interpret that as you want.”

If students have an excused absence then they have an excused absence. There is no correlation with prom and attendance on Friday.

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