Quiz Club prepares for competitions


Aaron Trierweiler

Quiz Club members prepare for competition by getting team shirts.

Aaron Trierweiler, Staff writer

Confined to room D-27 during lunch on Fridays, Quiz Club members usually compete in small teams in attempts to become victorious over their peers. Now, they are moving out of that comfort zone by competing with other schools.  

Quiz Club appeals to students at Carlmont by inviting them to have fun answering interesting questions while also encouraging a sense of competitiveness. For a while, Quiz Club entered into many competitions. They even participated in the T.V. show Quiz Kids until it was canceled in June of 2015. Since the show’s cancellation, Quiz Club had not participated in any competitions until recently when it participated in an event on Saturday, April 7, 2018.

“Quiz Club used to participate on the show Quiz Kids, but the network lost funding and was canceled. We haven’t competed in a while, but we are getting back into it,” Carrie Welter, a senior, said.

Quiz Club allows people to explore whatever they are interested in. The questions asked and answered at the club meetings and at the competitions span a wide range of categories, from history or literature.

“Most importantly, Quiz Club is for people’s general enjoyment and for students that want to learn interesting facts, regardless of GPAs or test scores,” Cole Lorch, a junior, said.

Through their weekly meetings, Quiz Club prepares its members for competitions, while having fun in the process. Sometimes, the questions asked in either competitions or club meetings can relate to what someone is learning in their classes or what they are going to learn in their classes, giving them a jump start in the lesson that they were eventually going to learn.  

“Through friendly competition, Quiz Club allows community members to bond and have fun while also preparing members for competitions, while, while infrequent, are great experiences,” Danny Pilipenko, a sophomore, said.  

I hope that Carlmont will begin supporting their Quiz Club and taking pride in it on a similar level similar to their robotics team.”

— Cole Lorch